Moki Insights

Moki aims to deliver new data streams and insight tools to support positive change for our children's physical and mental health.

At an individual, class and school level, decisions are being made every day by children, parents and teachers based on the information that can be found within their Moki application.

Moki has and will continue to aggregate an unprecedented data set of in-school physical activity. We’d love to hear from interested parties and collaborators that can help us make a difference with this information.

"Moki has an unprecedented data set of in-school physical activity."

- Prof. Dylan Thompson, Moki Co-Founder

Example Usage

Work with us

We’d love to hear from research teams, thought leaders or other parties who have a similar vision, especially in connection with:

  • Impact on physical activity with nutrition intake considered
  • Sleep levels/patterns and its impact on physical activity
  • Geographic school location and physical activity variation based on region
  • Gender bias on physical activity
  • Social demographic profile and impact on physical activity