Move it like Moki

Free physical activity pack for primary schools!


Move it like Moki

Whether your pupils are already a dab-hand at the Daily Mile, Joe Wicks’ biggest fans or perhaps you haven’t quite found the thing that floats their boat - we want to help make everyday physical activity accessible to as many pupils as possible, in the easiest ways possible, so that it builds healthy, lifelong habits in school - and beyond.

And we want a bit of fun along the way. That’s the Moki way.

Download our brand new FREE Moki Teacher Pack for KS1 and KS2 with a bunch of inclusive movement activities you can have up your sleeve and use any time of the day or year. Your free pack includes:
  • Heartbeat Statues - movement for mindfulness
  • Animal Movement mania - a work recovery wake up
  • Superhero Warm Up - preparing for movement
  • Spelling HIIT All Stars - fitness for cognitive function
  • Dance Like No One’s Watching - quick & easy endorphin boost

Who we are

Moki was founded by four dads of young children who saw the huge benefits of having active children but also discovered there wasn’t a way of actually measuring the impact of this when in a group environment such as in a school.

Without having this data - how much of a difference does physical activity really have on children’s physical and mental wellbeing?

We made it our goal to help tackle the inactivity epidemic that is already having a massive impact on the younger generation of today.

Moki is the education sector’s only activity tracking wristband and software application that provides a safe, simple and fun way for schools to engage their students in an active curriculum.

We provide classroom teachers and PE teachers with data-led insight at their fingertips to tailor more effective health and wellbeing activity in school environments. We believe schools can play a vital role in providing inclusive physical activity opportunities and deserve the best possible tools technology has to offer.

“If you can’t measure something you can’t improve it.”

Peter Drucker