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The Moki Summer School Pilot

Thank you for considering taking part in our introductory, no-cost activity project in the US. The impact of COVID-19 has meant that many students have been educating at home and we want to help students to get active again through the Moki platform. We are seeking schools to pilot Moki for a trial period during summer school and show the importance of students getting back to a more normal environment.

How will it work?

Once your application is approved, we will provide Moki Bands for a classroom of up to 30-students, a Moki Reader, and the access to download the Moki App for your Windows or Mac computer. Over the course of 4-weeks all the students involved will use Moki to track their physical activity levels. Not only will this help us understand how Moki will contribute to improve student well-being, but it will give us fascinating data to view of how students are managing to stay physically active during a renewed open in US education.

What do you need?

To use the Moki App you will need a PC or Mac desktop or laptop (not tablet or phone) and a working internet connection. For detailed minimum requirements click here. Moki Bands use a coin cell battery that lasts 6 months so there will be no need to recharge them during the project.

What do we want in return?

All we ask for in return is your honest feedback and to provide us with, as much as information as you’re willing to, and photos or video clips of students us Moki. We'd love to, with your permission of course, be able to share your experiences with the wider Moki community so that more schools and students can benefit.

Want to take part?

Click the button below to submit your application and we’ll reach out to you to get started. Then, you can tell everyone about what it’s like to experience the once again, active environment along with the well- being you’ll see among your students.