"Moki is the best investment of Sport Premium we've ever made."

-- Stacey Cannon, Selby Abbey Primary School

Measure the impact of all your PE and Sport initiatives.

Primary Schools in England are able to purchase Moki using their PE & Sport Premium funding. Not only does Moki comprehensively address the eligibility criteria for the funding, but also provides the reporting data to prove the impact of the investment.

What do schools think?

St. Fidelis Primary School Logo
For years, I’ve been looking at ways of using the Sport Premium to raise the profile of our PE department and get kids excited about active learning, but I never found anything that comes close to Moki.

– Stacey Cannon, Selby Abbey Primary School

Thorner Primary School Logo
Moki really is powerful and can have a huge impact on how schools identify children that need engaging and inspiring to be active.

– Ian Holmes, Thorner Primary School

Newlaithes Nursery & Infant School Logo
“I know how important longevity is to any Sport Premium project. Moki is an excellent investment that will be used here for many years to come.”

– Nathan Pow, Newlaithes Nursery and Infant School

Washacre Primary School Logo
Moki has had such a positive impact on the amount of physical activity taking place in school.

– Chris Willan, Water Primary School

Next Steps

If you'd like to know more about Moki including pricing click on the Buy Now button below. If you're considering using PE & Sport Premium (PESP) funding to purchase Moki check out our essential guide.