Not just any old fitness tracker

Everything about Moki has been developed with schools in mind. It's quick and easy to set up and use day to day and your students will love it.

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Key Features
What's in the box?
Get a clear picture of student, class or whole school activity
Easy to use and share so no need to have one per child
Create challenges and even invite other schools to join in!
Safe and tough with 6 months battery life so no regular recharging
Tough, safe and distraction free

Without the distraction of a display, the Moki Band is a comfortable, light and hard wearing wristband that a child or adult should ideally forget they have on.

The Reader
Tap to Sync

The Moki Reader is connected to your Windows or MacĀ desktop or laptop via a USB cable and provides a way to easily transfer data from the Moki Bands to the App on your computer.

The app
Powerful data. Made simple.

Designed to provide useful insight and feedback quickly and without any hassle. Moki is not a tool that promotes sporting excellence, but a way of measuring physical activity in all children.

Here's where the fun starts.

Players & Teams

Easily organise and view activity data of both individuals and classes/year groups with Players & Teams.


Create custom challenges to really kick things into overdrive. Want to challenge another school? You can do that too!


Moki provides more activity data than you'll ever need. Easily review and compare with the option to export PDFs and spreadsheets.

Still have questions?

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