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Here are some troubleshooting solutions to the most common issues. If none of these help solve your problem please don't hesitate to contact the Moki support team below.

Top Troubleshooting Tips

Make sure the Moki Reader is connected to your computer before launching the App. On some systems the App will not launch unless a connected Reader is detected.

The Moki App requires an internet connection to function. Some schools use Proxy Servers. In order for the App to work you may need to add this URL to the whitelist -

If you are trying to Pair your Moki Bands for the first time and they are not working please try the following:

1. Making sure the Reader is plugged in, try the classic:

- Close the app
- Open it again
- Log in
- Try to Pair

If that does not work try this:

2. Download the separate Drivers for the Reader located at the bottom of this page

If the Moki Bands have Paired to Players but refuse to Sync then usually the issue is down to connectivity with the Moki Reader. Here's a few things you can try:

  1. Quit the app
  2. Unplug the Reader
  3. Switch off your computer
  4. Plug in the Reader (try a different USB port if your machine has one)
  5. Turn on your computer
  6. Open the app and Log in
  7. Take any Band and hold it on the Reader

When Bands stop Syncing or start reporting 0 activity it's usually caused by a low battery. You can find out how to change the Moki Band's coin cell CR2032 battery here

Sometimes the Moki Reader goes to sleep and activity in the app does not wake it again. If the Reader no longer responds to the Bands and the green light does not flash intermittently then it requires a restart. Simply unplug the USB cable from your computer, wait a moment and then plug it in again.

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