Moki Starter Pack

$230.00 $38.33 per band Excl. Shipping & Duties

Starter Pack
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The Moki Starter Pack is the perfect risk-free way to try out Moki on a small scale.

    The Starter Pack includes the following:

    • 2 x Moki Band (Small)
    • 1 x Moki Band (Large)
    • 1 x Moki Reader

    The Moki App

    Once your purchase is completed you will receive an email confirmation along with a link to create your Moki account and download the free Moki desktop app.

    30-Day Risk Free Returns

    If you purchase Moki and decide it's not right for for any reason simply return everything to us within 30 days for a full refund.

    Please make sure you have reviewed and accepted our Terms of Purchase.